Date: 11/02/2017

Time: 7:00 pm

Location: Albertine Books (French Embassy, 972 Fifth Ave., Manhattan)

Price: Free

We live in what is called the “Information Age.” And it’s true that more people are exposed to more media than ever before. It’s also true that women are underrepresented in the media and that the distance between facts and Fake News, between the world privileged with media and one deprived of electricity, or even literacy, has never been greater. Many factors have contributed to this situation. The panel will address such crises as increasing censorship of both traditional and online news sources; lack of fact-checking; advertising as censorship; physical assaults on and jailing of journalists—and the fact that much of this behavior is encouraged by some political leaders. It will also discuss such subtle threats as media control by media moguls; how the media shapes our understandings through the representations of society—of women in particular; and issues such as “false equivalency;” cyber-bullying; or “trolling” that suppress ideas and groups. We will discuss how to make an individual, group, fact, idea, or chosen identity visible in today’s media landscape.

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