Date: 10/28/2015

Time: 7:00 pm

Location: The Silent Barn (603 Bushwick Ave., Brooklyn)

Price: $7

On Wednesday, October 28 celebrated artist Jennifer Coates will speak about her long held obsession soapy effervescence in: Bubbles: Life, Death and Cleanliness. In this multi-media presentation Coates follows the circuitous path of the bubble through history and across scale. Bubbles: Life, Death and Cleanliness will be followed by performance Karlie Bruce and Chris Parrello - a guitar and vocalist duo called "swoonsome" by Time Out New York and a screening of Angela Dufresne's video art. Jennifer Coates' lecture, Bubbles: Life, Death and Cleanliness begins with World War II and the dropping of the atomic bomb, what philosopher Timothy Morton has referred to as the beginning of the Age of Acceleration within the context of the Anthropocene era. Coincident with this time of mass annihilation was an explosion of development in synthetic chemistry, which gave birth to weapons, pharmaceuticals and new materials of all kinds. Not the least of which was the synthetic surfactant, a molecule that greatly increased the number of bubbles in hygiene and cleaning products, causing their massive proliferation in industry, culture and bathrooms around the world. What are the metaphorical consequences of this phenomenon? Bubbles have been used as an object of inspiration for philosophers, artists, writers, architects, throughout history. Bubbles have been postulated as a precursor to the cell, possibly playing a role in the way life on this planet evolved. There are giant bubbles at the edge of our solar system. The universe conforms to a foam structure with galaxies clustering along interlocking edges. Bubbles of methane are being released as the arctic thaws due to global warming, with possibly disastrous consequences for the climate. All of these ideas are explored through images - a visual essay that shows morphological rhymes to make a larger point about our connection to bubbles. Bottles of bubbles will be handed out to the audience: people will be encouraged to blow bubbles as they please throughout the lecture.

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