Date: 04/22/2015

Time: 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Location: The B&H Event Space (420 9th Ave., Manhattan)

Price: Free

Travel offers extensive opportunities and challenges - for the photographer. Whether your interests are a casual record of your family trip, or a serious visual exploration of a place far from home, this presentation will provide practical tips and visual stimulation so that you come home with pictures you can be proud of. Lester will cover: pre-trip planning; what to take and how to pack; foreign travel considerations; interacting with and photographing the locals; time of day and weather issues; finding the good spots; protecting digital files while on the road; ways to improve your composition; some exposure pointers; cool things you can do with a digital camera (that you could never do with film); what to do with all those great (and near-great) images when you get home. This presentation includes over 200 slides, good and bad - photographs from around the world that extensively illustrate each point.

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