Date: 04/16/2016 - 04/30/2016

Time: All Day

Price: Free

chashama 266 266 West 37th Street Every level of the ocean is filled both with life and the detritus of man. Beyond our runoff of chemicals, oil, radioactive waste, and garbage, the noises we create are devastating populations of ocean seabirds and mammals. Moby Dick, Captains Courageous, The Old Man and the Sea, Master and Commander—all these books will seem as fantastical to our descendants as books about fairies and little hobbits seem to us now. The songs of the sea, the sight of a dolphin leaping on the horizon, the magic of snorkeling through a living coral reef filled with bright fish and odd creatures, will soon sound like distant folklore. Merging Linda Byrne’s sculptures—haunting ghost ship skeletons and coral reefs sculpted from one of the major killers of ocean seabirds and mammals: plastic six-pack rings—with Maggie Dubris’ soundscape—a montage of deep ocean sounds, whale calls, manmade sounds that now resound beneath the waves, and readings from both Moby Dick and a letter by Eliza Brock, a sea captain’s wife—the Vanishing Oceans Project calls attention to the extent of the destruction that oceans have experienced and are continuing to experience in our lifetimes.

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