Date: 12/09/2014

Time: 7:30 pm

Location: The Way Station (683 Washington Ave., Brooklyn)

Price: Free

Satellite Magazine: Let's Talk About Cities Credit Steven Pisano via Creative Commons license. The lineup for this month’s Cities+ event was selected by our friends at NYU’s Rudin Center for Transportation. Open planning With funding from Knight Foundation, OpenPlans led PlanningCamps in NYC, Oakland, and Philadelphia last year, bringing together more than 300 planners, organizers, civic technologists, and government employees for over 90 sessions exploring urban planning, technology, and social change. Kelly Donohue will discuss. Who’s on board? Earlier this year, TransitCenter, a civic philanthropy focused on transportation innovation, surveyed 12,000 Americans on their attitudes toward public transit and neighborhoods. What do Americans think about transit? What would make them more likely to ride it? Program analyst Steven Higashide will answer these questions and more. Taxis, data, and neighborhoods Since New York’s Taxi and Limousine Commission began collecting electronic records of yellow taxi trips in late 2008, over 1 billion trips have been logged on the city’s streets. There’s more to learn from the data besides how much people tip their drivers: it can tell us a great deal about neighborhoods, including which ones serve businesspeople, partygoers, and gentrifiers. Rodney Stiles, director of research at TLC, will discuss. The future of maps Something happened about five years ago when Google Maps came on the scene. Suddenly, a burst of tools and mapping enthusiasm created a democratized and unstoppable trend of spatially representing everything and everyone, by everyone. What happens now? Jeff Ferzoco, designer of maps, information, and the experience of cities, as well as founder of design practice Linepointpath, will offer his perspective. Video and transit JP Chan, assistant director of multimedia production at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority as well as an independent filmmaker, will discuss how the agency tells its stories through video.

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