Date: 08/11/2015

Time: 6:00 pm

Price: $20 in advance

The era gave birth to the Mafia, women smoking, hot uptown jazz in downtown cabarets and the loosening of the boundaries of gay and straight-laced nightlife. Imagine the streets of New York when Prohibition made getting a drink a cat and mouse game between Federal agents and young people in search of a good time. The booze was bad but the times were as gaudy as the neon signs above. New York nightlife in the 1920s featured the most outrageous dance steps, secret knocks to get in the door, goofy cocktails, and bobbed hair. A guy needed a silver flask in his suit pocket to count as debonair, and gals took to heavy drinking along with staying out late at Sin City cellars plucked from their mommas' nightmares. Join historian Kathleen Hulser for this walking tour that hits downtown hot spots including former speakeasies, dives, and raid sites. We'll explore the cobblestone streets where rum runners raced their Packards from the docks and hijackers waited in the shadows to capture a piece of the best underground business the Federal government had ever spawned.

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