Date: 10/29/2015

Time: 6:30 pm

Location: DCTV (87 Lafayette St., Manhattan)

Price: Free with RSVP

The Center for Constitutional Rights and DCTV are proud to host a free screening of Dream Hampton’s disquieting new documentary, Treasure: from Tragedy to Trans Justice, Mapping a Detroit Story. Treasure tells the story of Shelley "Treasure" Hilliard, a 19-year-old trans woman of color from Detroit, who was coerced into informing on a drug dealer and had her identity divulged by police—and was brutally murdered as result. In the film, Hampton raises critical questions about the circumstances surrounding the crime relative to the politics of Shelly’s identity, and highlights the stories of her loved ones who have turned themselves into activists and the community organizers galvanized by her story.

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