Date: 12/05/2013

Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Location: Awakening NY (607 Manhattan Ave., Brooklyn)

Price: $20 at the door when you mention Nifty NYC

SINCERELY READY to be in the flow of abundance? Specific beliefs preventing you from earning the income you deserve? Are you have disconnected from financial flow because of beliefs such as “Money is the root of all evil?” Many people believe things subconsciously that they don’t believe consciously. Your subconscious beliefs can prevent you from manifesting more income, money, prosperity to manifest your dreams and live the life you desire! Come find out if you are open or blocked to 10 powerful money making beliefs. In this experiential workshop: 1. Specifically identify what is blocking your money flow. 2. Understand your intention for having money 3. Tap back into the stream of prosperity consciousness. 4. Affirm your part of attraction in the Divine flow of abundance. Learn what your subconscious has to tell you about your money beliefs. You may be shocked to find out what self-defeating subconscious programs running in your life. BIO Karen McKy, Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor Karen is an International teacher who shares the PSYCH-K® processes with those looking for a different way to solve life’s challenges. Her passion for helping others access their spiritual source, reveal their true potential and take control of their own personal power is evident in her engaging style. A business entrepreneur for 30 years and hypnotherapist, she teaches others how to use PSYCH-K® to discover, understand and change their limiting perceptions and beliefs to create a more dynamic future.

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