‘The Bargain Bin Sale of a Lifetime’ QVC Parody + Free Drinks

    Date: 04/20/2016

    Time: 8:00 pm

    Location: The Annoyance Theatre (367 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn)

    Price: $10 in advance

    Discount Code & Discounted Price (optional) - Mention nifty at box office for a drink ticket for a free PBR The Annoyance Theater, home of the longest running musical, offers its latest creation, the parody The Bargain Bin Sale of a Lifetime, a bizarre take on the QVC and Home Shopping Network (HSN). What at first appears to be a play about a home shopping-style tv show soon spirals into musical numbers, 80s montages, post-apocalyptic scenarios, a homicide mystery and (of course) a scene in a shoe store. Oh, and a dictator known as The Overlord. In a world where every product can be described as “amazing” and “life-changing,” four salesmen learn about what truly makes their lives worth living: the bargains.

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