Spirit Séance with a Professional Medium

    Date: 11/10/2017

    Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

    Location: Catland (987 Flushing Ave., Brooklyn)

    Price: $15 in advance

    The goal of a Séance is to connect with loved ones and guides on the other side of life, and to receive messages channeled through a professional Medium. A Séance is a safe space and starts out with a spiritual blessing/prayer (non-sectarian) asking for a white light of protection from the other side and a welcoming to our loved ones, and guides to join us. After a prayer/blessing of protection is given, the participants will be guided through a relaxing meditation opening the circle up to higher vibrations and light. The purpose of this is to open the participants’ awareness and to align our energies with those on the other side. After the meditation, messages will be given. Every effort will be made to give each person a message. At the conclusion a prayer/blessing of thanks will be given to end the séance with gratitude and thanks to the spirits who have visited us.

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