Date: 07/24/2016

Time: 8:00 pm

Price: Free

Parking Lot behind The Clemente, 114 Norfolk Street (E. side of Norfolk St. between Delancey and Rivington) While the play is a first-rate comedy, full of Shakespeare's accidents and mistaken identities, Curtiss also sees Shakespeare’s “Dream” as a journey into the mysteries of the subsconscious mind, richly symbolic of the process of how we recognize who we are and whom we love. To reveal this in modern terms, she employs the "heightened" class system of the Lower East Side/East Village--stereotypes of some of the populations abounding there--to represent in modern terms the groups of characters in the play. The "Royals" (Theseus, Hippolyta, Philostrate and Egius) are roaming musicians, artists and people who dress in extremes. They can exert magical power over our impulses and are fashioned as "taggers" who create visions and play tricks with their powers of illusion. The "Lovers" (Lysander, Demetrius, Helena and Hermia) are upscale urban dwellers whose money and power have not brought them love. The "Co-Workers" (Bottom, Quince, Smug, Stout, Starveling and Flute) are Google employees, indulging their passion for creativity. The forest to which they all escape--for privacy, to inspire creativity, or to escape their parents--is the late night scene of the Lower East Side/East Village, with all its mysteries and where nobody can be in control for very long.

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