Date: 03/24/2016

Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Location: BRIC Arts | Media House (647 Fulton St., Brooklyn)

Price: Free, RSVP here

BRIC is pleased to announce that, as part of its BRIC TV initiative and in partnership with The Marshall Project, it will present a live broadcast, town hall-style discussion on the effects of Race & Mass Incarceration and the direct impact it has on Brooklynites and New Yorkers. The impact of our broken criminal justice system is far reaching in our Brooklyn community, and it’s time for reform. People of color continue to be disproportionately policed, sentenced, and incarcerated at significantly higher rates than their white counterparts; minors face a harsh juvenile justice system that does little to rehabilitate them, and it’s nearly impossible to re-enter society with a criminal record. Racial inequalities in our justice system threaten communities of color in so many ways: disenfranchising thousands, limiting voting rights, and denying equal access to employment, housing, and education. How do we go about changing a system that seems to perpetuate itself—and how can our community #BHeard on breaking the cycle of mass incarceration?

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