Date: 09/20/2014

Time: 12:00 am - 3:30 pm

Price: Free

Location: In front of the Red Steps at Times Square We all know that human-caused climate change is a reality that is set to change the planet as we know it. As temperatures rise, polar ice caps will melt, the waterline will rise, and once-familiar geographies will be radically and irreversibly altered. Times Square, the famously congested tourist trap, is no exception...but who doesn't love the beach? The Times Square Beach Party is all about creating awareness of the very coastal future that awaits us unless we act fast to reverse the effects of climate change. Held on the eve of The People's Climate March, in advance of the UN Climate Summit, we want to have some fun while making some noise for change--the good kind! So come ye all in your finest beach attire, with hula hoops, frisbees, sunscreened noses, beach balls, and wearable flotation devices. Keep an eye out for the statue of liberty-- she can't swim! Signs are also welcome. Some Suggested slogans: The Beach is Nigh Surfs up...waaaaay up! Times Square Beach--opens 2050!

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