Date: 11/29/2014

Time: 9:30 pm

Location: Videology (308 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn)

Price: Free

Think under the influence with TEDxxx as writers and comedians get drunk (you can legally drive or give a talk, but you can’t do both), then give full PowerPoints explaining subjects of the utmost importance. Sample talks include: Call Me, Ishmael: The Great American Novel and Hookup Culture I Don’t Like: The Many Misgivings of Jonathan Franzen (feat. Chief Keef) Magna Carta Holy Kale: Jay-Z’s Embrace of the Organic Lifestyle Line Up: Ross Scarano – “The-Dream Does Not Need a Hook for This Shit: The Unutterable in the Music of Terius Nash” Claire Lobenfeld – “BoJack Swing: Keith Sweat’s Solution to the Zoe/Zelda Problem” J. Escobedo Shepherd – “Get Off My Dick: How Masculinist Fashion Trends Like Health Goth and Athleisure are Pillaging the Streets and Destroying America’s Youth.” Justin Charity – “Pigeon Culture: Empathy and Advocacy for NYC’s Most Imperiled Community” Maud Deitch – “Unconscious Uncoupling: A Freudian Analysis of GOOP” Chris Wade – Our Band Could Clean Your Toilet: How Bands, Brands and Candy are Vertically Integrating the Indie Rock Ecosystem Taylor Brogan – “Pride and Prejudice and The A-List: How Jane Austen Predicted Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” Eric Sundermann – “Katie Got Brandz: Drilling Deep Into The Secrets of Corporate Twitter Accounts”

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