Date: 01/24/2015

Time: 12:00 pm

Price: $5 per team member, pre-registration required (see below)

Citing the continuing need for additional, “important” “scientific” “research,” the Department of Homeland Absurdity today announced that the 11th annual Idiotarod NYC will take place on Saturday, January 24, 2015. The race, which brings elaborately-themed, ridiculously-costumed teams to generally-deserted streets of New York City on what is nearly always the butt-blasting coldest day of the year, will again be administered by the multi-discipline, super-secret disorganization IDIOT Labs. The annual Idiotarod NYC event showcases creativity and frivolity, with awards given for originality, imagination and artistry as well as wacky hijinks, zany antics and unabashed bribery. As established in prior years, there is a zero-tolerance policy regarding food throwing and any other behaviors that put the non-racing population or property at risk. Entry: For legal reasons, all teams must fill out the official racing registration and medical release form, available from All forms must be received by 11:59pm ET on the Thursday prior to the race (January 22nd), however due to the potential for bureaucratic snafus, earlier completion and submission is highly suggested. Entry responses will be judged, with a prize awarded based on expediency, hilarity and originality. Incomplete, illegible or ill-tempered forms will be rejected and potentially mocked. Start place/time: Idiotarod XI will commence at 12 noon on January 24, 2015, rain, snow, sleet, slush, wintry mix, polar vortex, bad hair day or shine. The official starting location will be announced the evening prior to the event. Check-in: Upon arrival at the starting location, each team is required to check in with an IDIOT Labs official for their race package. There is a $5 per team member processing fee that will be collected at the initial check in. This is a 100% volunteer-driven event, and collected processing fees will go directly to the prize pool and event administration. Prizes: Under the direction of IDIOT Labs, official prizes, both monetary and sentimental, will be awarded in often-arbitrary categories as deemed fit by the disorganization in direct response to the brilliance of the participating.

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