Date: 01/16/2016 - 01/17/2016

Time: All Day

Location: The Grand Victory (245 Grand St., Brooklyn)

Price: $6

FRIDAY - Littlefield - doors at 10pm SATURDAY - Grand Victory - limited door tickets at 11pm SUNDAY - Grand Victory - limited door tickets at 10pm (Due to crowd fluctuations we expect to be releasing tickets throughout the evening on all nights.) If you've ever been to a Feeling Gloomy party here in NYC, you'd know that we approach the depressing bits of life with as much glibness as we possibly can. We try to take the sad things and make them fun, to join together in celebrating how rotten life can be, but at least we're all in it together, right? Well, we've come to something that is actually deeply sad, the passing of one of our idols, and we couldn't just let that slide. With the announcement of David Bowie's passing this morning, we decided to postpone our theme for this month til February and turn Saturday into a tribute to one of our favorite musicians of all time. We haven't done much in the way of preparation for this, but we have done a couple of raucous Bowie-themed parties, and we pretended he was coming to one of them and inadvertantly tricked some internet robots at Bandsintown and then in the general populace. Suffice it to say: THERE WILL BE LOVE THERE WILL BE SADNESS THERE WILL BE CATHARSIS WEEPING WALL We will also have a Bowie shrine complete with tissues on each night where you can leave messages to posterity. FACE PAINTING STATION (TO STATION) We'll supply the face paint, you supply the lightning bolts and the pretty things SOUND + VISION Friday night we're very excited to have a special video accompaniment from MUSIC VIDEO TIME MACHINE. LET'S SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER and there will be two Brothers Gloom playing every acceptable Bowie dance song and more than a few unacceptable ones. We might even play that song from Cool World. We'll throw in some Iggy with the Ziggy and some Lou and Marc and a host of the songs you expect to hear at a Feeling Gloomy, sprinkled in among the David Bowie songs, to keep things interesting.

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