Date: 11/08/2016

Time: 7:00 pm

Location: The Bedford (110 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn)

Price: Free

We could all use a drink after this looooong election process. Rejuvenate your body and mind on Election night with a proper political party. Featuring fun talks on presidential history, live election coverage, presidential trivia games, and drinks specials! Lecture Details The Beginning of the End of the First Democracy, The Roman Republic Mike O’Brien, resident SASS lecturer on the ancient world, will take us back to the first death of the democracy, when the ruling class of Rome murdered a pair of populist candidates, setting in motion the events that would eventually destroy the Republic and usher in an Emperor. Sound familiar? Oh dear. Surprising Presidential & Political Art Andrea Shypailo will open our minds to the wild, weird world of politically charged art. If you’ve ever hoped to see George Washington’s abs chiseled in stone, this is the talk for you. Crazy Presidential Campaigns (That Aren’t The Current One) Did you know that US political campaigns were crazy before 2016? Looking at the election of 1828, Augie Lopez will illustrate some parallels to today’s political shitshow.

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