Musical Bingo

    Date: 03/23/2016

    Time: 7:00 pm

    Location: Union Hall (702 Union St., Brooklyn)

    Price: $10 in advance

    Listen up! No really, listen… because things are about to get musical!

    Jukebox Bingo is a brand new version of an old favorite — it’s Bingo, but where traditional numbers are replaced by popular songs! Taking Bingo to the next level, Jukebox Bingo combines Bingo with Music Trivia, and even throws in a little Karaoke for good measure. The end result is a healthy dose of musical mayhem, proving that Bingo isn’t just for little old ladies in senior centers anymore! (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) Whether you grew up listening to 8-tracks, cassette tapes, CDs, or mp3s, this game’s got your groove!

    Jukebox Bingo — it’s Bingo with a Beat!

    Prizes include winners’ choice of tickets to a variety of fun NYC events, such as The Big Quiz Thing, Quiet Events, Shake Rattle Roll Pianos, Strip Xpertease, The Amazing New York Scavenger Hunt, and Badass Board Game Battle. Plus, opportunities to win free drinks and giveaways throughout the night!

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