Date: 09/14/2016

Time: 7:00 pm

Price: Free, RSVP here

Join us for a roundtable discussion led by activist and author Cecily McMillan about how privilege can be used as a tool in social justice efforts. McMillan will be joined by Five Mualimm-ak, organizer with the Campaign To End The New Jim Crow, activist JLove Calderón, Hernan Carvente of the Vera Institute, award-winning journalist Renée Feltz, and activist Andy Stepanian. How can whites support the struggle against The New Jim Crow? With the#BlackLivesMatter movement re-igniting a global conversation about civil rights, how do we work to remove the barriers to active participation for everyone in the fight for social justice, creating the mass mobilized movement that we're all waiting for? With the fifth anniversary of Occupy Wall Street taking place this September, its impact on modern social movements will also be discussed.

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