Date: 08/08/2014

Time: 8:00 pm

Location: Morbid Anatomy Museum (424 A 3rd Ave., Brooklyn)

Price: $12 in advance

During Paris’ Belle Époque, three exotic nightspots surfaced overnight in the red-light Montmartre district. They were unlike any known entertainment emporiums. Each was devoted to a ghastly and/or hedonistic vision of death. Cabaret du Néant (Nothingness), Cabaret du Ciel (Heaven), and the adjoining Cabaret de L’Enfer (Hell) all promised an otherworldly experience with unique menus and drinks, comic religious presentations, technological optical tricks, and nudist displays. These tourist attractions lasted into the 1950s and created an enduring folklore that still can be found on Websites and in the imaginations of retro-nightclub producers. CABARETS OF DEATH is the first illustrated lecture that recreates a typical evening in each venue. It also includes rare film clips of similar avant-garde productions in Brussels, Berlin, and Moscow and special “death concoctions” that were served in the cabarets.

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