Date: 07/27/2017

Time: 11:30 pm

Location: Sunnyvale (1031 Grand St., Brooklyn)

Price: Free

☞ Smashing Pumpkins (“Homerpalooza”, Season 7) ☞ Yo La Tengo (“D’oh-in In the Wind”, Season 10) ☞ Sonic Youth (“Homerpalooza”, Season 7) ☞ Michael Jackson (“Stark Raving Dad”, Season 3) ☞ Sadgasm (“That 90s Show”, Season 19) ☞ Cypress Hill (“Homerpalooza”, Season 7) Simpsons Trivia Team Battles! Featuring Flaming Moes! (Loosen your flem) Duff Beer on tap! Pink frosted Donuts and Butterfingers! Couch gag photo booth!

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