Date: 07/27/2017 - 08/12/2017

Time: All Day

Location: Clemente Soto Velez Cultural and Educational Center (107 Suffolk Street, 2nd Fl., Manhattan)

Price: Free

We can gain insight into our current polarized politics from Shakespeare's plays on the Wars of the Roses. That's why Shakespeare in the Parking Lot, presented by The Drilling Company, will present "Henry VI Part 3" from July 27 to August 12. The play, which is seldom done, lays bare the passions of the Medieval English war between York and Lancaster. In doing so, it illuminates the animosity between today's Republicans and Democrats on one hand and the tenacity of irreconcilable conflicts, including current civil and sectarian wars, on the other. Hamilton Clancy directs. The Drilling Company has been producer of Shakespeare in the Parking Lot since 2006 and is also the exclusive producer of Shakespeare plays in Bryant Park. "Henry VI Part 3" revisits the late 1400's, when a series of wars for control of the throne set the House of Lancaster (symbolized by a red rose) against the House of York (symbolized by a white one). This play is one of four in Shakespeare's canon ("Henry VI, Parts 1-3" and "Richard III") that deal with the horrors of these conflicts, which threw the stable country into pandemonium as families broke down and moral codes were vitiated for the sake of payback and power. Hamilton Clancy's adaptation will dress the characters in suits, not armor. He explains, "This is the best play in the canon to reflect our current political polarization. The pitched battle between the two sides seems impossible to reconcile, and that is how we find the public discourse between Republicans and Democrats today."

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