Date: 11/08/2016

Time: 8:00 pm

Location: Pete's Candy Store (709 Lorimer St., Brooklyn)

Price: Free

CONCORD! AGREEMENT! PRIZES! It’s been a goddamn slog, a swamp, a media-hyped rat-f---ing of the highest order. We need to remember something other than discord. We need to take our public discourse back. To that end, we invite any and all—Suspicious Berners, Bellicose Trumpers, Too-prudent Hilarites, Cranky GOPers—to Pete’s Candy Store this Election night for UNITED STATES, a gameshow in which politically opposed individuals participate in a “Team of Rivals” to see who can agree on the most stuff! From the (possible) fact that Human Beings are 60% Water by volume, to the (unwelcome, but true) idea that racism still exists in our country, to the (possibly contentious) observation that the world is hotter now than it was in 1900, we believe that there is more that unites us than divides us. What better time to search out and celebrate our agreements than Election Night, 2016? All parties and faiths and beliefs are encouraged to come join us: We promise to leave prejudices at the door, and invite those ready to do the same, and show that ‘Gummint that we all can just get along. With an array of tremendous prizes for our winning teams (a night in the Wythe Hotel; A Williamsburg Bar Crawl, Dinner for Two at a Greenpoint restaurant), UNITED STATES is a game in which conciliation, compromise, and a recognition of shared truths could result in economic progress (while disagreement will force a drink)! Come learn how to enjoy being an American, all over again. 8pm till it's goddamn over.....

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