Date: 03/24/2016

Time: 7:00 pm

Location: Morbid Anatomy Museum (424 A 3rd Ave., Brooklyn)

Price: $8 in advance

A corpse is much more than a dead body. By examining the association between photography and embalming both as aesthetics and as mourning practices Margaret Schwartz theorizes the connections between the body and the image. The result is a new politics of representation wherein certain bodies are privileged with control over their images in death, and others are not. Thus the bodies of superstars like Michael Jackson or David Bowie circulate posthumously in ways that enhance their legacies and their estate coffers, while the iconic images of victims like Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown are shown without consent of the families or respect for their dignity in death. This comparison points out the ways in which congress with and respect for the dead is a lost art in desperate need of recuperation.

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