Date: 10/01/2016 - 03/11/2017

Time: All Day

Location: MetroTech Commons (MetroTech Commons, Brooklyn)

Price: Free

Lost Man Creek is a miniature forest. But rather than growing naturally and of its own accord, this undulating landscape populated by some 4,000 Dawn Redwoods is a recreation. Artist Spencer Finch partnered with the Save the Redwoods League to identify a 790-acre section of the protected Redwood National Park in California. Significantly scaling down the topography and tree canopy heights, he reimagined this corner of the California forest for MetroTech at a 1:100 scale. While the original trees range from 98 to 380 feet – taller than the buildings that surround the plaza – the trees in the installation are just one to four feet in height. Finch (b. 1962, New Haven, Connecticut) is a renowned Brooklyn-based artist whose investigations into the properties of light, color, nature, and perception, have resulted in works that turn the colors of a sunset into ice cream or the shades of the Hudson River into stained glass. Combining scientific observation with this poetic sensibility, Lost Man Creek is a living artwork for the heart of Downtown Brooklyn that makes the intangible scale of a redwood forest tangible.

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