Date: 05/05/2018

Time: 3:00 pm

Location: Pete's Candy Store (709 Lorimer St., Brooklyn)

Price: Free

And as we have every year since the Erie Canal first opened in 1825, Pete’s Candy Store is pleased to present our annual Kentucky Derby Day festivities, this Saturday, May 5. Diversions include: The Millinery Parade, in which patrons titillate the masses with hand-made hats, vying for the favor of our judge, Ex-Derby Infielder JennyLyn Cutchins, who will administer capital rewards! The Nik Westman Derby Taco Experience, marrying the charms of Cinco de Mayo with the foolishness of Derby Day, serving up the best blue-plate special this side of the Bluegrass! Pete’s Paddock and DISCOTHEQUE, being a pasture of facts and figures, where you may improve your horse-sense while hitting the dance floor to some good-old Southern Fried Disco from DJ Shirk. The Hooker’s Handicapp, a monument to the Host’s ego, rendered in literary suggestion. The beloved Idiot Stakes, where a dollar makes a winner of a loser. ...and, of course, Parimutuel Pastimes such as to spit in the face of Death himself. The festivities get underway SATURDAY, MAY 5, 3PM at PETE’S CANDY STORE (709 Lorimer, Williamsburg) and will last until the last horse crosses the finish line. Dress like you goddamn mean it.

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