2017 Lowline Science & Sustainability Fair

    Date: 02/11/2017

    Time: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

    Price: Donations appreciated, RSVP here

    + Explore the water cycle with fun activities led by Randall’s Island Park Alliance
    + Go on a scavenger hunt through the Lowline Lab to discover organisms and their functions with BiomimicryNYC
    + Get your hands dirty with the LES Ecology Center’s hands-on worm bin (a composter’s best friend!)
    + Discover the future of eating insects, and the history of this nutritious, delicious, and plentiful food source with SEEK Food
    + Talk with the Lowline’s horticulturalists (the incredible company John Mini Distinctive Landscapes) to discover the story behind the Lowline Lab’s lush landscape (and how they keep it thriving!)
    + Grow (and take home!), your very own planter with the help of Ecovative’s rapidly regenerative mushroom mycelium material
    + Hop aboard the BioBus, a mobile laboratory, to learn about all things biology and have some serious fun with microscopes
    + Discover that science is for everyone with SimpleBiologist, a youtube channel that takes newly published scientific papers and makes them into understandable and fun whiteboard videos
    + Help promote women in science with Maryam Zaringhalam through her podcast “Science Soapbox”

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