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stephaniefroelichphoto raylivez louisdnaranjo kingharrythedood eyeshootnyc jazzburke onetortilla aaronjsw __calzone__ kathyzucker thesecrazycats nycwanderings emmapulido buncourtinsession iamleegro dressednyc lastcallsteeve Picture 4

From top left: Harlem morning with @stephaniefroelichphoto | @raylivez | woven blooms as captured by @louisdnaranjo | Super cute superpowers with @kingharrythedood | NYC’s mascot from @eyeshootnyc | @jazzburke | The Little Red Lighthouse by @onetortilla | @aaronjsw | @__calzone__ | @kathyzucker | get that ‘nip (@thesecrazycats) | @nycwanderings | just your average Asian Halal Fried Chicken spot by @emmapulido | @buncourtinsession | a glimpse of Gramercy Park from @iamleegro | @dressednyc | @veronica_l_photography | an early spring sprinkling of snow even makes trash cans look beautiful (@lastcallsteeve) | @niftynyc

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