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Dan Farella of Return to Nature is quickly blossoming his foraging, herbalism, and vegetable fermentation classes all around Brooklyn. Return to Nature offers classes, workshops, and education about wild plant and mushroom foraging, herbalism, survival skills, and Earth-based philosophy. Dan also gives herbalism consultations, private mentorships, and does year-long monthly mentorships where he resides in New Jersey.

As is stated on his website, the mission of Return to Nature is to provide a safe, healing and mystical teaching bridge for individuals and communities to recognize Nature surrounding them as an abundant source of nourishment, healing, food, and medicine and to inspire caretaking and ethical interaction with the ecosystem.

By teaching about the diversity of wild food plants, mushrooms, and medicinal herbs while tapping into Nature’s healing energy, Return to Nature aims to help communities move towards a Nature appreciation-based paradigm through inspiring people to forage, wildcraft, create tools for survival, and treat their own ailments with what nature provides. Dan works tirelessly to share the passion of the plant world through a continual schedule of classes with emphasis on community gathering and teachings to re-empower resilient skillsets. With a full teaching schedule he comes out to Brooklyn once a month and this weekend he will be teaching 3 awesome classes:

Friday, Feb 28: Medicinal Tincture Making Class
He will teach the different ways of making tinctures at home with easy-to-acquire materials and discuss many of the different herbs to tincture and how to apply them in healing ailments. Home-Powered Health Care!

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Saturday, March 1: Alchemy of Vegetable Fermentation
This workshop will empower you with hands-on experience to make your own fermented healthy foods at home which require no electricity and no refrigeration. The class will explore the process of this ancient art, the many ways of flavoring with spices and how to easily incorporate fermented foods into your diet.

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Sunday, March 2: Winter Survival Foraging Class
You will learn to discover where and how to track and catalog medicinal foods, shelter items, utilitarian plants, and how to purify and acquire water from the landscape.

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To sign up for classes you must RSVP for address and meeting location.

You can also connect with Dan on Facebook at or e-mail with inquires about classes, health info, and scheduling classes in your favorite spot, with your favorite people.

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