Murder for Two

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In this killer new musical comedy, two performers play all 13 roles — and the piano — for a hilarious take on classic locked-room mysteries that is full of music, murder and mayhem. Officer Marcus Moscowicz is a small-town policeman with dreams of being promoted to detective. One fateful night, shots ring out at the surprise birthday party of great American novelist Arthur Whitney. The writer has been killed by one of his own guests! With the nearest detective an hour away, Moscowicz jumps at the chance to prove his sleuthing skills, with the help of his silent partner, Lou. But whodunit at this party full of suspects? Was it Dahlia Whitney, Arthur’s scene-stealing wife? Barrette Lewis, the prima ballerina? Dr. Griff, the overly friendly psychiatrist? Marcus must figure out who the killer was so he can prove himself before the real detective arrives … and the ice cream melts!

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