IndieCon New Work City

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Attention independent workers! Looking to take your business or projects to the next level?

On Saturday, September 7th, our friends at New Work City are hosting an afternoon unconference where indies will come together to swap advice and support one another. Attendees set the topics of discussion and everyone will get a chance to speak. Come for the whole afternoon or just one session and bring your knowledge, your questions, your passion and a salad ingredient or two. We’ll see you there!

More info:

If you’re working for yourself, then chances are you’ve already got a lot of really great processes in place to manage yourself. Maybe you’re Getting Things Done, or you’re Timeboxing, or you’re squishing Pomodoros. (Maybe you’ve never heard of any of those handy things. If that’s the case, you would definitely benefit from joining for this event!)

Chances are also really good, however, that there are other places you still feel you could do better in. There are some things about working for yourself that just drive you nuts. That’s where your fellow peers come in.

We can make the hard parts not so hard if we band together. On Saturday, September 7, we’ll be gathering to share our best practices and brainstorm ways we can help one another in ways otherwise impossible when we’re on our own. By joining forces, we can build support systems that can provide the structure and accountability we need while maintaining the freedom we love.

– Everyone who attends will have a chance to speak. This will be an unconference format. If you’re not familiar with unconferences, the gist is that the people who come are also the people who speak. If you have something to contribute, step up and share! Each discussion will be 30 minutes, with a lightning round at the end, so you’ll have a chance to learn a lot, fast!

– Learn from all of the sessions. At each session, one person will volunteer to take notes to be shared with the rest of the group at the end of the day.

– Help build the Greatest Salad Ever. What helps get you and your body into the right state of mind for being expansive and productive? We’ll be kicking off with a little collaborative lunch project. Bring an ingredient and help us assemble a big, beautiful salad bar! You can make your own salad from whatever ingredients you like best, and contribute to a big concoction for people to share!

Click here for more information & to register for just $10.

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