Thursday, July 18th: Lights Out Scavenger Hunt (Get 50% Off Tickets Now)

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Remember when you were a kid and you loved playing games outside in the dark on summer evenings? Now you can get that same blissful feeling — with a few grown-up perks — at iAdventure’s Lights Out Scavenger Hunt. Meet up at the downtown Village Pourhouse, where you’ll get things started with an included cold beer or cocktail. Then you and your fellow teammates head out to the streets of NYC in your glow gear searching for hidden clues, completing fun tasks and earning points for your team. In order to keep track of your answers and findings, at least one person per team will need a smartphone. Twitter, Facebook, snapping of photos and the official scavenger hunt app, Scan-Quest, will be integrated. The hunt will be based on a point system and the team with the most points at the end will be awarded a cool grand prize! You’ll finish the evening with an after-party at SideBAR, featuring great drink specials. Being called inside for the night was never so fun!

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