Official Doctor Who Trivia Night
Highland Park NYC (206 E. 34th St., Manhattan)
Free with RSVP

Calling all Time Lords and their companions, dust off your bow ties & straighten your fezzes (fezzes are cool)! Doctor Who Trivia is materializing at Highland Park NYC. Everything you’ve learned about wibbly wobbly, timey whimey…stuff is about to pay off. We will have five rounds of trivia to separate the Cybermen from the Daleks. Set your TARDIS for Tuesday June 18th at 8pm! GERONIMO!!

Broadway Books and Trivia A.D. will be your hosts for the evening, and trivia questions will focus on Series 1-7 of the most recent BBC Doctor Who TV Series. Participants are encouraged to arrive between 7:30pm-7:45pm to ensure we can get you and your team checked in and seated before the heated competition begins promptly at 8pm.

The top 3 teams will take home a variety of amazing prize packs provided by Broadway Books and the BBC, including:

– Copies of the Doctor Who series paperback A PLAGUE OF THE CYBERMEN by Justin Richards with signed bookplate

– Copies of the Doctor Who series paperback THE DALEK GENERATION by Nicholas Briggs

– Copies of the Doctor Who series paperback THE SHROUD OF SORRW by Tommy Dobaband

– A variety of Doctor Who DVDs from the Matt Smith series, Christmas in April and Classic Doctor Who

In addition, the top 3 teams will receive gift cards to Highland Park

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