Monday, June 17th: James Bond NYC

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One-third James Bond ‘Live Action Role Play’ adventure, one-third classic casino games, and one-third cocktails — all shaken, not stirred. We are the only James Bond themed LARP group operating in the world. This group is for avid Bond fans who appreciate creative and exotic escapism. We specialize in both detail-oriented LARP events and challenges as well as casino gaming. Every event is unique and completely immersive within the universe of Bond. If interested in becoming a member please join our mailing list where you will receive further instructions regarding the group and your 007 inspired character creation (please mention your two favorite Bond films and offer a few lines as to why you are interested in this group). Our events are held in intriguing locations throughout New York City. We transform the average urban afternoon or game night into something fascinating. Everyone is encouraged to join, you do not have to have card game experience (beginners are welcome), and our events are designed so that anyone of any age can participate in the adventure.

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