New York Non-Fiction (Short Films)
350 Grand St., Manhattan
$13 in advance

How To Walk to Manhattan (John Wilson | 10 min.)
A distracted walking tour of an exhausting commute.

Two Islands (Jan Ijas | 6 min.)
Two former waste dumps, hidden islands within the city: here NYC maintains a separate public burial ground for its strangers.

Synesthesia: The Space Between (Drew Henkels, Chelsea Mose | 8 min.)
You know that feeling of coming up out of the dark subway into the lights and noise and movement of Times Sq.? That’s what life is like for NY author Maureen Seaberg all the time.

The Birdman (Jessie Auritt | 11 min.)
With CDs, VHSs, and old cassette tapes stacked head high, Rainbow Music is a hoarder’s paradise, but its quirky owner knows exactly where everything is. Amidst all the new Starbucks and Subways, this East Village shop maintains its mom and pop feel.

Childhood Sale (Casimir Nozkowski | 9 min.)
The filmmaker parts with his comic book past

We Will Forget (Garret Harkawik | 14 min.)
The true story of Staten Island resident Robert Fitzpatrick, who spent $140K on subway ads and a book that warned of the apocalypse. The film follows him up to May 21st, 2011 — the day he predicts will be the end of the world.

Frankenstorm: From Across The East River (John Mattiuzzi | 5 min.)
“Frankenstorm: From Across The East River” is a visual and emotional account of the night that ended in the horrifying Con Edison explosion, darkening half of Manhattan’s skyline. This short form, experimental documentary hovers along the East River, at the Williamsburg Waterfront in Brooklyn, where hundreds of spectators flocked to absorb the terrifying amusements of an approaching superstorm.

Mondays At Racine (Cynthia Wade | 39 min.)
When your life is at stake, why is losing your hair so hard? In this Academy Award-nominated story of community and neighborly support, every third Monday of the month, two bold, brassy sisters open the doors of their hair salon to women diagnosed with cancer. As locks of hair fall to the floor, women gossip, giggle, weep, face their fears, and discover unexpected beauty.

Clementine & The Galaxy

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