Monday, June 10th: Vegetarian Quick Start

Vegetarian Quick Start
Mulberry Street Library (10 Jersey St., Manhattan)

Vegetarian Quick Start – Looking for more vitality, better health and an enhanced sense of well-being? Learn the many benefits of the vegetarian lifestyle and how easy it is to make the switch. Information will be given to help you make a commitment for change and how your commitment can affect the ecology of the planet and your spiritual growth. We’ll also look at healthy vegetarian choices in each of the food categories and discuss how to make sure you get essential nutrients to be healthy and strong. The handouts will include nutrition information, weekly menus, worksheets and recipes. There will even be a little meditation sitting at the end. Susan Rose is a Vegetarian Lifestyle Coach – Susan has been a vegetarian and has been meditating for over 40 years. She has been cooking and studying nutrition with an emphasis on finding healthy vegetarian alternatives for her family and friends. Since retiring from a senior executive position in Sales & Marketing. She has conducted numerous talks and workshops on the vegetarian diet and the vegetarian lifestyle around the world. Susan will be sharing information on how to transition to the vegetarian lifestyle, how the vegetarian diet is healthy, how it is gentle to the planet and how it can enhance our spiritual development. She will also share information on nutrition, new vegetarian prepared foods and products that are available in most grocery stores and recipes to help you make the transition more easily.

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