Dining + Design: A Conversation with Chef David Chang and Designer Anwar Mekhayech
Arnhold Hall at The New School (55 W. 13th St., 2nd Fl., Manhattan)
$10 in advance

Although we often focus on the food and the service, restaurant dining is really the combination of food, service and environment. That’s where architecture and design come in. Design sets expectations, influences moods, engenders feelings that are as much the part of the restaurant experience as where the ingredients are sourced and how the wine pairs. Good design adds to the comfort, satiety, and overall excitement of a great restaurant experience in a synergistic way.

The Food Studies Program of the New School for Public Engagement is partnering with The James Beard Foundation (JBF) to launch a series of panel discussions titled Dining + Design: Conversations with Chefs and Architects on Creating the Ideal Dining Experience. This unique series will feature conversations with top toques and architects, highlighting the critical relationship between a restaurant’s culinary concepts and physical design in creating the ideal dining experience.

This is the third discussion that is part of the Dining + Design series.

Speakers include:

David Chang, Chef, Momofuku

Anwar Mekhayech, Co-Founder, The Design Agency

Andrew Salmon, President and co-owner, Momofuku

Moderated by Mitchell Davis, Executive Vice President, James Beard Foundation

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