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Join Wall Street Walks on a food-focused, 90-minute walking tour through the streets of downtown New York City. This is the very area where the concept of the restaurant, the quick lunch, the power lunch, the food cart and the “a la carte” menu were practically invented. Your informative tour guide will trace all of your favorite foods from past to present and back again as your group explores the resurgence of farm-to-table eating. Learn about the origins of delicious NYC staples such as the sandwich, the cookie, the hamburger and more — including Steak Delmonico, Eggs Benedict and Baked Alaska. From the middle of America’s biggest urban mecca, learn about the re-surging importance of farmers’ markets see an actual urban farm. Rub elbows with titans of business outside such famed Wall Street hangouts as Harry’s Bar. Visit Fraunces Tavern, which offered the first-ever take out menu. Most importantly, find out where you can eat like a king on a pauper’s budget!

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