Wallpeople New York: Music
167th St. & Edgecombe Ave., Manhattan

The 4th edition of Intn’l urban art project Wallpeople will be held in New York for the 2nd time.
Wallpeople is a collaborative art project founded in Barcelona, Spain in 2009, and is held simultaneously in over 45 cities around the globe. With the intention of setting up an original street canvas made by everyone, this event leads both artists & art lovers to create and be part of a unique moment in a specific urban area.
Wallpeople 2013’s theme is MUSIC and, for one day, we invite everyone to express his unique relationship with it, no matter what genre or style.

MUSIC is a universal language. It moves us, changes us and fills our lives with color and emotion. Music is magic. Music is ART. And we cannot imagine a world without it. For that reason we want everyone to express his unique relationship with music, no matter what genre or style. The participants have two possibilities:

1. To reinterpret a song in an artistic format of their choice: illustration, photography, text, painting, collage…
2. To create any work related to music, by paying a tribute to an artist, a concert, a musical moment in the personal life or a favorite style…


1. Everyone has the chance to participate.
2. You have to go to Highbridge Park in New York City (167th St. with Edgecombe Av) and bring a creative work made by yourself. Feel free to invite your friends to do the same!
3. Paste your work(s) in the wall. Should you be inspired by a particular song, you must indicate the title and the name of the composer /performer. Remember: you don’t have to be an artist to join this action. Everything’s about interaction and having fun!
4. The crew of the event will be pointing out the beginning and the end of the action (the duration is about 2-3 hours).
5. Once the exhibition comes to its end, you can take your work back or grab someone else’s piece. Also, you can write down your contact information in case the person who got your artwork wants to contact you.


We accept the following formats:

– Works that can be pasted in the wall with tape or glue. We’ll be providing tape, paper and markers.
– Any technique or format is allowed as long as the work is related to the musical theme: drawings, paintings, illustrations, pictures, collage, comics, paper, cardboard, wood (light), crochet, prints, mixed compositions, badges, handmade cards, origami, album covers, vinyl, cassettes painted, post-its, etc.

We don’t accept:

– Works bigger than 3 x 3 feet
– Works that need to be attached with hooks or nails or can’t be attached to the wall with tape or stickers. Drilling the wall is prohibited.
– Works with offensive or discriminatory content.

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