Trapped (Short Films)
Open Road Rooftop (350 Grand St., Manhattan)
$13 in advance

Short films about people, babies and bunnies trapped in unusual situations, with dark dramas, weird comedies and even more surreal documentaries set to confound and astonish.

A Pretty Funny Story (Evan Morgan | USA | 20 min.)
After witnessing a neighbor’s embarrassing antics, a bored family man is eager to report the story back to his office chums, but before he can he’s ensnared in a drastic, bizarre plan to silence him.

Comme des Lapins (Osman Cerfon | France | 8 min.)
“Like Rabbits” follows the fish-headed man’s melancholy ramblings, spreading bad luck and discontent inside a fairground. And if you see this film as a sordid portrait of humanity gone astray, it is only because you have a twisted mind.

Club Magic Moment (Zachary Volker | NY | 15 min.)
Rooftop Filmmakers’ Fund recipient. A dark comedy about foreclosure, heisting, and makeshift casinos.

Endless Day (Anna Frances Ewert | NY | 11 min.)
For most people, sleep comes naturally, but for some, the night turns into an ongoing struggle to drift off into oblivion. This trance like documentary explores what it’s like to be awake against one’s will and the feelings of despair and loneliness that accompany the passing of time.

Black Metal (Kat Chandler | USA | 9 min.)
A dark drama that follows Ian, a husband, father and heavy metal musician struggling with the guilt and blame of a tragic and senseless murder.

Avant Que de Tout Perdre (Xavier Legrand | France | 30 min.)
“Before Losing Everything,” a young boy pretends to go school, a teenage girl in tears waits at a bus stop, a woman picks them up and races to a shopping mall, and a desperate escape plan begins.


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