Friday, May 24th: VALIBATION: Director’s Screening and Panel on iPhone-Cyborgs

VALIBATION: Director’s Screening and Panel on iPhone-Cyborgs
Observatory (543 Union St., Brooklyn)

Cinematically wedged between Cronenberg’s techno-anatomical mashup horror and the protagonist-bashing comedies of Charlie Kaufman, VALIBATION is based on a simple premise: We spend too much time touching, talking into, tapping on, and generally fetishizing our smartphones. What happens when the logical next step, implantation, comes unexpectedly in the night? What happens when we’re not sure any longer how to validate ourselves offline, by ourselves? What happens when we aren’t sure where “we” stop and our tools begin…?

Leveraging all the terrifying banality of living in the future—working a boring day job while enjoying a computer in the palm of the hand! (literally!)—VALIBATION asks these questions in an open-ended manner and via a frank eroticism that makes it more engaging than many a conceptual or arthouse short.

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