Dance Hall for the Eye Which We Do Not Have
Standard ToyKraft (722 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn)
$10 in advance

Passion and desire mix with propriety and restraint when we create the ’20s/’30s dance hall – in regards to The Eye Which We Do Not Have.

Which side will you be on? Will you keep a spot open on your dance card for the comely stranger across the room? Or will you sweep into the arms of a willing taxi dancer, knowing that a dollar a song is all you are to them?

We will teach you to dance the slow dance and provide you with a card to arrange your prances for the night. Or beware, our matrons will match youup. We also provide you a bevy of Taxi Dancers. Who, for a dollar a dance, will “teach” you slow dancing for one song. (and feel free to inquire about our ‘private classes”” behind the screen.)

Doors at 8. Arrive early. Start filling your dance card. Music begins promptly at 8:30, with intermissions between songs. Music ends at 11:30 pm. Slow dancing lessons provided throughout the night.

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