Postcards from Coney Island: Stillwell Avenue Memoirs
Coney Island USA (1208 Surf Ave., Brooklyn)
$12 in advance

n the far-off reaches of the county of Kings, where the subway ends and the sea begins, lies Coney Island: a sunset kingdom where the freaks are accepted, the children laugh, and summer lives forever. Join Rhinestone Gorilla Burlesque as we stroll down the boardwalk of memory lane. We’ll send ya a postcard.

Postcards from Coney Island is a semi-scripted burlesque musical inspired by Neil Simon, Coney itself, and that time they went to Disneyland on Full House.
Hosted by Gemma Stone & Lucida Sans
Miss Cherry Delight (Miss Coney Island 2013)
Angelique A’LaMode
Kinky Demure
Debra Delorean
Fancy Feast
Avian Rush
with live music by The Leisurely Wieners

Rhinestone Gorilla Burlesque is New York’s ragtag army of art school delinquents. The troupe–which specializes in narrative burlesque, pop culture and literary adaptations, lowbrow comedy, audience game shows, cheesy disco covers, and self-indulgent ’90s nostalgia–are not your average showgirls; they’re rhinestones in the rough, anti-glamour guerilla grrrls prone to attack and entice.

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