TinyRhino: UglyShots
Littlefield (622 Degraw St., Brooklyn)
7:30pm doors, 8pm start
$10 in advance

May’s installment of TinyRhino will be our second UglyShots, a partnership with Over Shots Productions. The quarterly series pairs the TinyRhino drinking game concept* with a series of short films.

Six short films will be conceived, written, filmed and edited specifically for this event, and will be screened for the first time for the TinyRhino audience. Filmmakers include Jesse Flower-Ambroch (“Shokunin” DOC NYC) and Danielle Rosen (“Hey Bartender” SXSW), Christopher Bye, Brian McCann, Mitch Case and Dania Bdeir.

May’s cinematic elements will include: someone shushes, someone imitates someone, someone misses their mom, and someone stalls for time.

*TinyRhino is UglyRhino’s take on the ten-minute play festival. Each month we commission six playwrights to write new plays to each include the same five dramatic elements.

If you join us for TinyRhino, you’ll be given a list of those five dramatic elements that have been included in the plays (for UglyShots, the films). These elements might show up at any time, in any order, and with any frequency. However, when they do show up, do you know what that means? Drink!

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