Tuesday, May 21st: Weird Love: A Night Of Womance (women+performance!)

Weird Love: A Night Of Womance (women+performance!)
Body Actualized Center (143 Troutman St., Brooklyn)
Suggested donation?

Please come see, support, and share energy with a remarkable array of female performance artists. Spirits and treats will be available for purchase, there will be soft cushions to sit on, a theater of plants and candles, and the craziest, sexiest, coolest bizniss around.

Doors will open at 9:30, and the show will begin at 10 o’clock sharp with one 10 minute intermission. Program to last roughly 2 hours, sweet talk and tea to follow show. All proceeds will go to finding a home for the Moon Church, a super womantic space dedicated to healing, consciousness raising, support, and LOVE. Come feel it, weirdos!


Jamie Boyle, performing “Mom, I am so sweaty (The third real thing)”, a work involving cheeping hands, bits of dreams, a palette of feelings so subtle and moving you won’t realize they have already slipped under your skin and are rising. Jamie’s mom watched her perform this piece last week in Pittsburgh. She thought it was interesting.

Jessica Calvanico, ethnographic writer and professor in the Theater Arts department at SUNY Stonybrook, will present a lecture-based piece concocted from her experiments with the conclusions and questions she has gleaned from her ethnographic research.

Pilar Diaz, Princess of Baltimore, will present a movement based character piece, “PEE LA DIA” rife with song, video, quiet moments, and romance languages.

Millie Kapp, of the radical, inquisitive group HUSBAND, will perform To say, this is the most important, a piece that amalgamates movement, sound and objects to address Bruce Nauman’s Studio Film, “Walking the Periphery of a Square in an Exaggerated Manner”.

Susannah Simpson will debut “Rage With”– a piece using a combination of physical and vocal improvisation to create a great lake solely dedicated to the most heated, deeply hidden emotion.

Samantha Tomarchio and Ana Lieberman: two linchpins in the BAC community, these fluid witches will use their bodies to create a duet translating of the element of Water

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