Moviehouse: Love of a Cyclops
3rd Ward (195 Morgan Ave., Brooklyn)

Catch the final Moviehouse at 3rd Ward before we set off on our next project: Bridge. Nathan Punwar returns with the film that started at Moviehouse and ends in an amazing trip.

How do you describe Loves of a Cyclops? It’s a film about a one-eyed man with a bizarre vision of the world, an experimental scientist who believes he holds the key to seeing multiple dimensions, and a prolific former-child-star narrator of books on tape looking to be her own author.

Francis, the cyclops in question, careens from one group of people to another, unable to see what we see, struggling to find a home for his view of the world. But that’s just the story. With its relentlessly quick pace, animated effects, detail-filled frames, and a large cast and crew of friends and collaborators, it’s a feature film’s worth of ideas packed into a vibrant, colorful short. Watch it and don’t blink.

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