How to Save at Least 50% Every Time You Grocery Shop
Port Richmond Library (75 Bennett St., Staten Island)

STOP throwing your money away at the grocery store! What if you could save at least 50% on your monthly grocery budget and build a stockpile of food at the same time? This workshop is to introduce shoppers on how to prepare a shopping list in advance and guide shoppers through the supermarket showing them how to shop smart, stay alert and aware of special saving opportunities, and to utilize coupons and sales to the very best of their ability. It also includes everything from refunds, seasonal savings, to store rewards, the latest in Internet deals like electronic and printable coupons, finding coupons in unusual places, loyalty and frequent flyer programs and so much more.

Susan Samtur is nationally recognized as the “Coupon Queen” and has been helping consumers save money at the checkout for over 30 years. She has been featured on Regis Philbin, Oprah Winfrey and Good Morning America.

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