Annual Almighty Foot Clan Anniversary B-Boy Battle
Solar One (East River just south of 23rd St. under FDR Drive, Manhattan)

Breakdancing (or more properly, breaking) is a time-honored and essential part of hiphop culture. In fact, back in the early 1980s, when rap was first discovered by the mainstream, many people thought that breaking would be hiphop’s number one art form.

If African American culture supplied the beats and Jamaican culture the sound systems and friendly competition to the world of hiphop, Latino culture provided the moves. Dancers from the Rock Steady Crew, originally formed in the Bronx in 1977, were some of the most famous breakers who helped familiarize America and then the whole world with this athletic and original movement style.

On Saturday May 18, 32 local crews will battle for prize money and bragging rights at this free-to-watch, $5-to-participate event. And there are only 2 more battle spots available, so sign your crew up now!

The Foot Clan, along with Round the Foot Entertainment, brings to you
The First Ever Almighty Foot Clan Anniversary #1 B-BOY JAM
May 18, 2013 Saturday
Battles start at 4pm SHARP

-Gravity – 5 crew dynasty (NYC)
-Pete Nasty – Repstyles (Philly)
-Miego – Foot Clan/Soul Kings (Seoul Korea)

Hosted by
Ru AKA the Black Lion

Featuring NYC’s one and only DJ X on the Wheels of Steel, spinning your favorite breaks and house jams.

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