Aeolian Ride, is an international art event where the public becomes inflated sculpture on bicycles, transforming the landscape of each city. The effect is a sort of joy loop: those riding feel the elation of being a child at play, dazzling bystanders who become giddy, returning joy to the riders. Come join the fun!

The world’s only inflatable bike ride has inflated 22 times in 19 different cities around the globe. In 2004, the first Aeolian Ride passed through lower Manhattan hoping to lift some dark residue from the traumatic and senseless act of violence of September 11th with a joyful and seemingly senseless act of art.

Anyone can sign up to ride in one of 75 inflatable costumes. The original designs: white bubble, bunny and drop, contrast the chaos of the surrounding street. In 2012, kids costumes made from colorful recycled parachutes blasted off at Rockaway Beach, reflecting the rainbow of the future.

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