Lauren Bush Lauren & David Burstein
92YTribeca (200 Hudson St., Manhattan)
$15 in advance

A Conversation with the Millennials who are changing business, technology, culture, politics and our world.

They’ve been called trophy kids, entitled, narcissistic, the worst employees in history and even the dumbest generation. But, in the new book Fast Future, millennial writer and filmmaker David Burstein argues that this generation’s unique blend of civic idealism and savvy pragmatism will enable them to overcome a deeply divided nation facing economic and environmental calamities.

With 80 million millennials coming of age and emerging as leaders, this is the largest generation in U.S. history, and by 2020, they will represent one out of every three adults. They are more ethnically and racially diverse than their elders and have begun their careers at a time when the recession has set back the job market. Yet they remain optimistic about their future and are deeply connected to one another. They are socially-minded, entrepreneurial, pragmatic idealists, the most global generation and highly adaptable, all assets in a world that is changing fast and changing constantly. Meet some of the leaders of this generation and learn about how and why they are transforming the world we are all living in.

Panelists include Lauren Bush Lauren and David Burstein, with moderator Margaret Hoover.

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